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Limits in our minds

Ramna Shahid

I am a multidisciplinary designer and researcher. My work often focuses on exploring primitive curiosity and basic human instinct. Through design I seek to understand how decisions are made, how emotions inform everything, the full stories of the maker and the object.

- Limits in our minds
An observation of the relationship between Spanish buildings and their inhabitants; more specifically, how masterfully residents occupy their balcony spaces. In lockdown we share a similar task in making the most out of our limited spaces; such as, sprucing up our gardens, bringing more plants inside the home or creating decorative art. I created these so I could gaze a bit longer at scenes I once took for granted.
When I first moved to Spain, I pondered the day I might finally stop being so overwhelmed with trying to soak in every detail and walk from A to B without slowing down or stopping. I waited for that day to come and eventually I missed it. The different levels of detail in the two images are a reflection of that ‘now and then’.