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Greg Myers

Growing up in Essex is a continuous source of influence for my work. My father is a precision engineer, meaning I spent a lot of time in scrap yards and industrial estates. This influenced my work’s aesthetic to use industrialisation contrasted with elements of nature as a representation for the digital age.

Studying printmaking led me to develop ideas around reproduction and ownership whilst refining skills in traditional and contemporary methods. I use both processes to investigate ideas of reality in the digital world to develop narratives of the fictional intersection between the online versus offline and the physical versus the virtual.

Through utilising apps and readymade filters to distort and enhance my imagery, I explore how far you can use the manipulation of online platforms to drain the original meaning out of the image. I call this imagery “Earth Portals” as they become gateways to alternate spaces through transforming the surroundings in that we live. These portals leave space for viewers to engage with their own experiences when looking at the imagery permitting augmented realities, fictional narratives and shared beliefs. This is especially interesting in an age of processed selfies, AI generated images and fake news.

We are perpetually bombarded with images that are constantly having their value and purpose redefined through data sets and algorithms. Artist James Bridle uses the term “New Aesthetic” to describe digital imagery that uses systems that are often not visible. My practise asks questions of what is real once an image is created and manipulated and exploring the relevance art has to play in the virtual world.