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3020, A Year for Curious Robots

Dylan Leddington

[This painting depicts a self isolating robot set in the year 3020]

Dylan initially captures landscapes either through photography or by drawing and invariably works in oil to produce his final piece. He favours painting and drawing given the wealth of learning available from the enormous number of works created in these media over many centuries. His pieces depict future landscapes and settings, devoid of human presence, prompting us to ask what happened, and why; followed soon after by the sharp reality of the perilous state of our planet’s ecology. As Dylan moves from photography to drawing to painting, so the surface changes – digital, to paper and finally canvas. Stretched canvas over a frame produces an actual object, with its own physical presence and impact for the viewer. Dylan’s use of fantastical, vibrant colours creates the sense that his imagery is not from the here and now, and increasingly he looks to science fiction as a route to helping us consider our relationship with technology.