Of Gravity: Array

Connor Clements

As work moves into the virtual realm for its creation and display, the variables change, and therefore does the honest use of them. Gravity is not a force present in these spaces, causing a flip in the spectrum:

1. Laid on the floor as it would in a real world space where gravity was a factor. Creates the illusion that gravity is also acting on this virtual space.
2. A middle ground as with Jose Davila’s installation, the physical properties of gravity are evident but are bent to create an illusion, making the effects of gravity more or less than they would be naturally
3. Gravity is not a variable in the objects placement, it floats freely

The spectrum has flipped entirely, in the virtual realm gravity is not a present factor so to create objects that respond as if it is would be to create illusion, the same dishonest disconnect between what we see and what there is that is present when artists working in real space create the illusion of weightlessness.