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Screen 6

1. Daniel Shippey

2. Danny Jarratt

The New System 
2020: Praxis Artspace (Online) + Adelaide Festival Thearte.
Materials: Digital Animation/Video. 
Danny’s moving-image piece takes on the physical representation of Judith Butler’s heteronormative matrix as an incandescent grid. The grid goes through a slow and hypnotic unravelling, digitally rendered it has a physicality we associate with bodily movement. The gradual unknitting of this highly structured network of lines alludes to the breakdown and reconstruction of normative spaces.

The soft blue, a calming colour, is agitated by being trapped in a constant state of flux. It is reminiscent of the 1995 Microsoft Windows ‘Mystify’ screensaver, an animated polygon of lines that bounce around the screen but are trapped in a perpetual loop. We watch and wait for the lines to converge into a single corner of the screen in a moment of completion, only to find that the algorithm resets.

3. Calum Stamper

A Mundane Experience
The series "A Mundane Experience" is a new project that Stamper has undertaken in his ongoing exploration into social media and the internet. This project explores the interaction of still and moving imagery being published by social media users through the use of photo animation while questioning the notion of escapism presented through the constructed narrative that depicted as a form of documentation. 
Stamper had documented his daily life throughout the COVID-19 lockdown and combined it with audio taken from news media outlets to convey the effects of this cultural phenomenon and how digital media has become the window to the world.