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1. Georgia Tyson

Bunny. The commodification of working class women’s sexuality - how it is glamourised while simultaneously stigmatised in the eyes of society filtered through the media.

2. Lukasz Horbow

​Horbów (born 1995) visual artist and performer from the Polish-Ukrainian border. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. His artistic practice works on principles of creating a collage of social phenomena, borrowings, and principles on which people act. He's currently working on creating legends in art and reviving buildings with sound and light.
Founder of Self-House-Residency - residential project founded by artist Łukasz Horbów and curator Magdalena Morawik in response to the current COVID-19 situation which promote the self-isolation movement in their own houses where artists can still create freely. Each resident has Self-House’s instagram for three days.

3. Tabitha BW


4. Michael Ryder