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1. Apolo Wilson

The work focuses on a feeling of adventure and texture, of the unknown but familiar - a mixture of footage taken from a documentary I shot in Uganda, and emaenuel's reworking of audio captured there. Nsenene (grasshopper) in Uganda is a totem symbolising home and community - a tangible channel through which heritage can be explored. A collaborative exercise, myself and emaenuel react to one another's work throughout the process, passing our edits back and forth till we have a finished piece. These reactions allow us to explore our connection to one another, whilst simultaneously exploring our own origins.

2. George W Stewart

Showreel 2020

3. Aennor Bleu

Fathomless, Part I (2019) explores the diversity of ocean and seashore organisms and dwellers and comments on the pervasive environmental issues and extinction caused by plastic pollution and single-use waste. The film is the collage-like accumulation of the video material filmed between 2016 and 2019 by the artist themselves and accompanied by the original sound piece. The imagined journey of a plastic bottle through the land, across the water arteries and into the depths of the sea tells a present-day story of the mankind dependency on synthesised materials. Moreover, it attempts to show how our behavioural patterns result in the immeasurable harm to all the living organisms and ecosystems. The film contrasts the disposable to the pristine, clashing the snippets of man-made environments and marine debris with the glimpses of wildlife, remote islands and subsea activities. Fathomless is equally a portrayal of the ocean as something unfathomable, dynamic, hybrid, changeable, the largest habitat to the multiplicity of life forms that is extremely sensitive and have to be protected from the violences of the Anthropocene era. Watch Fathomless, Part I at Ocean Archive by TBA21-Academy. The film is currently showing online at TPA Ocean, a sub-group of The Political Animal, until 8 May 2020. The first screening of TPA Ocean was supposed to take place at Arts Catalyst in London, but in light of the current global pandemic it moved online. https://www.aennor.com/fathomless


4. Kim Wednesday

Stay with the TROUBLE 
Fear of being without a smartphone. 
“The basic purpose of the mobile phone is to allow people to be in two different places to communicate instantly, eliminating the human anxiety about loneliness,”
We are wired to have feelings. 
If we express these feelings in off-putting ways, 
this wiring can invite a disconnect in relationships. 
I am a performer in this game.