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1. Lizzy Deacon

02 10 85 02/10/85 is a postmodern collage that explores the identity of Rock Hudson through his AIDS diagnoses, placed in contrast with scenes from his film work that foreground ideas of masculinity and heterosexual romance, as a way of considering the performative nature not just of Hudson as an actor, but of the kind of persona that he projected into the culture more widely.

2. Katherine Stanley

come fly with me big bird lets fly lets fly away
Im an intermedia artist living and studying in Edinburgh College of Art

3. Dooyong Ro

Dooyong Ro speaks about his history and identity by mirroring two factors, one is the individual who is excluded by the special collectiveity of the military service and the other is the marginalisation that can be found from the K-pop fandom. Especially, 'LITMIS Project', which is the main part of the exhibition, is a work about K-pop boy band called LITMIS which is recreated by using military symbols. The project borrows a series of processes in which K-pop idol groups are created, and it contains the artist’s personal experience from his military service.


4. Ambie Drew

I Exist On The Internet, 2019