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1. Sarah Twell

02 10 85 02/10/85 is a postmodern collage that explores the identity of Rock Hudson through his AIDS diagnoses, placed in contrast with scenes from his film work that foreground ideas of masculinity and heterosexual romance, as a way of considering the performative nature not just of Hudson as an actor, but of the kind of persona that he projected into the culture more widely.

2. Lilit Stepanyan

​Lilit Stepanyan is a multimedia and multidisciplinary artist. She uses a varied practice consisting of painting, drawing,   moving image, video art, digital art  to explore the multi-formed relationship of new and old media , the transformation of  from digital platform to traditional medias , it's instead reflection and the providing of transparency  between the time periods. 
Her works  discover  her identity , it’s relationship with the society/objects/subjects, investigating the situation of eco system and environment,  feminism, political and social issues .  
Lilit’s work has been exhibited at local  and international levels in Armenia, UK, France , Germany, Cyprus..etc.


3. Connor Clements


The piece consists of two opposing aesthetic treatments of the same melody, with visuals to compliment these visuals and highlight their roles at opposing ends of the aesthetic spectrum. The first distorts the melody behind muddied, crackly drums with a distorted geometric intense visual. The second treatment is more meandering, melodic, clear, including flowing natural imagery to highlight the contrast.