All the men are turning into aliens

Urte Luciunaite

The medium I engage most in is painting, however, I have tried to experiment as much as I
can during the past few years.
My main topics of focus are alien life, any kind of beings and love between them. Humans in
my works are often embodied in creatures from my head. I take my thoughts and transform
them into a form that is most acceptable to me and that carries a lot of emotion because
invocation of any genuine feeling or emotion is what I consider most important in my

Sometimes, I do not think about the result or meaning at first and follow the lead of my
hand. The works created like this are the hardest to talk about as I firstly need to figure out
the meaning myself and only then transform it into an even other form of communication –
speech. That is why some of my works do not have names – because I haven’t figured out
what I want to say yet.

My practise is simply the result of me trying to say what I want to say, trying to make people
feel or think and communicating in a way that makes me feel better than any other way.