Coathanger people: life lessons - Bully ed

Elisabetta del Ponte

Elisabetta del Ponte/MoBbIt_fOS are a cross-disciplines experimental artist. Born in Milan, now based in London. Their pieces and performances have been shown mainly in the streets, in alternative non-establishment spaces and underground, off-the-grid communities.
Recently they have performed at Pedestal, The Flying Dutchman, Kaos, Queer Spirit Festival, Albion Feries Circles and are exhibiting, Covid-allowing, at RAF.
They live with three cats: Benita Pussolini, Comet and Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour.

We are full of contradictions;it is part of our human condition.
And we are living in times where the boundaries between reality and virtuality are sometimes blurred: it is a contraddigitation!
Play with me in how I like to see our contradictions debunked with puppets and illusion… or is it reality?