Liberty Leading The People

Aurelie Meriel

Aurélie MERIEL is a Franco American artist. Having a long a career in the film industry as a performer made her desire more control over her creative process and so transitioned to becoming an artist. Her work aims to challenge perceptions and ideas about the world we live in, focusing on identity and gender inequality. She lived in Paris and Los Angeles and is now based in London. She is currently studying for a BA in Fine Art at Middlesex University.

I have been a dancer , an actress, an artist. I have lived in different countries, different cultures and languages. I am a girl who became a woman who became a mother. My work is about all of this. About womanhood in this society, about being displaced, dislocated, transitioning from one place to another, one state to the next, where does one belong and what is lost in the process. It talks about Identity, female representation, motherhood and places.

I use photography, painting, sculpture and performance. I like transitioning from one media to another to explore and translate my ideas and feelings. I accumulate things, objects, materials that attracts me, like souvenirs I would put in my suitcase from my journeys. I play with reassembling them, making props, outfits using the domestic to dress myself. By using my image, my sculptures and found objects I attempt to put pieces back together and give it a new meaning. I want my work to be seen as a portal, an invitation to the viewer to project their own thoughts and stories.