Nick Kennedy

Truthplotter II

A wall drawing installation presented as part of the exhibition 8 Lines at Platform A, Middlesbrough in 2018.

On the occasion of the exhibition 8 Lines, Kennedy presents Truthplotter II, a new kinetic wall-drawing installation, which reflects his interest in the nature of aesthetic value and his ongoing fascination with the notions of chance, mathematical order, control and human gesture. A carefully balanced and poised automated mechanism guides a fine stylus across the wall's surface throughout the course of the exhibition, repetitively and insistently tracing out a delicate form. The work seeks to play with the boundaries of drawing and sculpture, object and architectural space, creating a drawn image that reflects the almost anthropomorphic qualities of balance and motion inherent within the machine itself.

This is the second iteration of the work, which was first presented as part of the solo exhibition, Some Possible Truths at Customs House Gallery, South Shields in 2015. Through this installation the artist sought to explore the margins of truth and errancy in drawing - a truth is something considered real - a factual concept. A correctly balanced and aligned object is described as 'True'. Through an experimental process of mechanical mark making, trying and failing, repeating and adjusting, the work tested the limits of control and gesture and created a visual language shaped by the limitations of site, material and time.

Truthplotter II, departs from here and takes the leminiscate or infinity symbol as a central motif. This ancient mathematical symbol represents the sublime notion of endlessness, boundlessness but in this case it's geometric form is re-purposed as the reliable and definite basis for an experiment in mark-making. A fundamental tension is created as the sweeping, expressive, human qualities of the drawing meet the engineered consistency of the machine and the symbol it traces out, all revealed to the viewer as a dynamic drawing process unfolding within the gallery.